Turkey and Germany

Land Area

$100 million for 25% equity in the Company

Licences and Permission

Recycle Co has a fleet of specialized trucks operating in Turkey.

Recycle-Co is currently installing its recycling system  into 12  buildings.


currently operating


$100 million of funding required

Projected Profit

$25 million by end 2019

Investment Rate Return



Recycle-Co is a technology Company with  Turkish founders and now based in Germanys that is seeking equity capital of US $100 million in return for 30% equity in the Company.  Recycle-Co has an asset value of US$ 25 million and as of January 2019 a forward order book of US$ 25 million. Investors are expected to receive healthy dividend payments after the return of the investment  ranging from 25% in year 1 to 28% in year 4.
The funds will be used to provide working capital to complete existing orders, develop further technology and to recruit additional personnel for expansion into the USA, Middle East and Australia .

Other Projects