Battery Production

Turkey and Germany

Land Area
$100 million for 25% equity in the Company

Licenses and Permission
Recycle Co has a fleet of specialized trucks operating in Turkey.

Recycle-Co is currently installing its recycling system into 12 buildings.

currently operating

$100 million of funding required

Projected Profit
$25 million by end 2019

Investment Rate Return

The Company would like to restructure some of their earlier loans for energy projects and for other group investments, the group has a very strong positive cash flow, mostly in USD denominated from energy projects through the feed in tariff payments schedule

The company has a full business plan and financials available for interested investors/consortiums, once NCNDA has been signed and an initial meeting arranged.

Their Environmental Policy 

In all their projects, they follow the best practices prepared by the European Union regarding mining and wastes while at the same time complying with the relevant laws and regulations.

They aim to contribute to the development of the region in which they invest, while at the same time aiming to minimize negative environmental impacts, choosing the most suitable production methods and constantly improving them to protect environmental values.

They reduce the pollution at source so that waste generation is reduced to a low as possible.

Their waste management systems prevent air, water, soil, natural life, employees and the people of the region from being negatively affected by mining and operating activities.

In all their works, they have the principle of protecting natural resources and species. They adopt a transparent and open communication method in the measurement and control of environmental data, working with relevant public institutions and non-governmental organizations.

They constantly offer trainings to their human resources, to keep them up-to-date with their environmental responsibilities.

They are building a strong stakeholder relationship; they ensure that the people of the region have knowledge about the environmental measures they are taking in their activities.

In their facility, rather than a sole mining activity, their business focuses on blending technology, metallurgy and chemistry, producing high added value and innovative products.

They are unique in the northern hemisphere; their Meta Nickel plant is among the top 10 facilities in the world with its technology and process management. In their company, they are using one of the 25 autoclaves in the world, a reflection of a brand-new mining concept.

With this 32.5 meters long, 7 meters tall and approximately 580 tons boiler, they extract the elements that may damage the system during the process from the ore, and they enrichen nickel with sulfuric acid under high pressure in the autoclave boiler which is a completely closed-circuit system. Nickel, which is at a maximum of 1 percent in the ore is extracted from the soil, increases up to 38 percent in the autoclave boiler.

All of these; requires a human resource and business model that develops its own technology along with a serious R&D in line with needs.  Their multi-disciplinary facility hosting geological, geophysical, mining, chemical, electrical and electronic engineers, with its advanced technology and know-how, is one of the best examples for value-added production in Turkey.

In the heart of their facility lies there “technology atelier” working in collaboration with their R&D center. Thanks to their atelier, which develops the technologies that are needed in production processes, all the equipment and devices can and does provide the highest added value production.

Their passion for R&D does not stem only from their will to do business on global standards. Their aim is to be able to produce all machinery and equipment that are used in production soon with their own technology, and to install additional facilities completely with the machines and hardware that they produce. Thus, they aim to produce the raw material of the future, nickel, with R&D, innovation and advanced technology with an ever-growing value-added process, and to contribute to the reduction of Turkey’s current account deficit keeping Turkey’s resources in Turkey, with the integrated structure that we will establish in our facility.

The company is focusing on creating value for society in a world that is touching the lives of hundreds of millions of people and aiming for a more livable world in 155 countries spread across different geographies of the world.


They operate in all areas of human rights, working conditions, we aim to move up to Turkey’s vision on environmental and ethical issues. They manage the economic, social, environmental and ethical codes with their corporate sustainability identity. To improve the quality of life of the people, to maintain the maximum balance of natural life and resources, they continue to work in accordance with ethical rules.

United Nations Global Compact 

The United Nations Global Compact, which they signed in 2007, guides them in shaping their vision for the future with ten principles on human rights, working conditions, the environment and the fight against corruption.

Carbon Disclosure Project 

As part of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), they have become the first energy company to share the greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sector, the risks related to climate change and management strategies in this area with the public.

United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles 

They care about women’s full and effective participation in decision making processes in economic and social life. They signed the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (UNWEP) in 2015 considering their commitment to contribute to their goals towards inclusive growth and equality in working life. They support social gender equality in all our holding companies.

30% Club 

They support the 30% Club, which aims to improve the gender balance in the decision-making mechanisms of the companies and increase the rate of women in the board of directors and top management of the companies to 30 percent.

Women Entrepreneurs Association

They support the Women Entrepreneurs Association (KAGİDER)’s “Kadinden Almalı, Kazleket Kazanmalı” campaign initiated by the private sector and public procurement to increase the purchases from women suppliers.

Within the framework of their sustainability vision, Their Group Customer Relations Manifesto was prepared to provide quality, fast, pioneering and reliable services to their customers.