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The UK based Company with a mission to source and promote profitable, renewable, and sustainable businesses. Our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) As (SDGs) aim at reducing greenhouse gasses and help our world become more environmentally friendly.

In engaging staff and customers, we can and will drive passion through visual storyboards, active involvement, and branding which truly relate to each company’s identity. This creates long-lasting ownership, embedding change for all people involved in the business, well into the future, and of course profits with a positive sustainable impact on everyone.

Case Studies

Black Tiger Advertising

Black Tiger Advertising is a one-stop-shop for complete Digital Advertisement Solutions. We tailor the business carefully & specifically for your needs. We like to speak through our work rather than mere words. Advertising should always be a professional one. We customize them based on the requirements. Also, we equip the platform with the latest technology without compromising its beauty. We provide  strategically designed solutions to make you the best in your domain with no peers. Here, we design & develop products, implement marketing strategies strictly needed for you to earn long-term sales.


This programme has been designed to engage engineers to better understand and implement soft skills in the work environment through practice and doing small actions,which takes less than 10 minutes of your time on daily basis.

At YP2G, we have taken Top 10 identified Employability Skills, researched by STEMNET (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Network) which confirms what employers look for in potential employees – that means you! The programme can help you and/or your company’s engineers to improve their soft skills.

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.